Nature Quest 2014

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Längd: 8 dagar

Ort & datum: Vålådalen naturreservat 27 juni – 4 juli 2014
Arrangör: Naturakademin Learning Lab
Pris: 12.500:-

Invitation to a nature quest in Vålådalen Nature Reserve
with John P. Milton, June 27 – July 4  2014

Nature Quest is a powerful awareness training and mindfulness/meditation retreat in the wilderness, combined with a guided, contemporary vision quest Solo in nature. Experiencing a Nature Quest can have a deeply transforming effect on your life. The fundamental purpose is to provide a simple and clear introduction to  ”Natural Mindfulness”-  integrating sensing and perceptual refinement with meditating upon sensorial connections with Nature – utilizing the core principles of relaxation and presence. This is what Joseph Jaworski calls the ”advanced U-Process”.

Way Of Nature Scandinavia are honored to invite you to an experience above the ordinary in the beautiful mountain region of Vålådalen, Sweden. Our distinguished guest of honor is the founder of Way of Nature, John P Milton. A coach to ”management gurus” like Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Otto Scharmer, Brian Arthur, and others. Peter Senge says: “Leaders, particularly in business, are finding that Milton’s capacity to guide them into an encounter with nature both allows them to find a deeper purpose and unleashes the creativity needed to live that purpose”.

The challenge
We live in a time with many changes, challenges and opportunities. A time when being in touch with your own inner compass, is perhaps more important than ever. A time when change-making, at all levels, both as a professional and in our personal life, is about mobilizing your own and other people´s energy and your commitment to create and live through values of deeper meaning. It is our experience that when this kind of collective commitment is mobilized, true change is possible both within yourself as well as in our society. We call it Conscious Leadership.

The outcome
Your Nature Quest and wilderness experience can result in a dramatic reduction of daily stress, an increase in creativity, and a more clear, centered and harmonious awareness, all of which leave you well equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities that life may have to offer. If you choose to trust: the natural world will bring you profound peace, self-respect and revelation – your authentic self.

Ottfjället – The place for the Nature Quest

The program – Nature Quest
Nature Quest is a powerful awareness training and meditation retreat, combined with a guided, contemporary vision quest Solo in nature. Experiencing a Nature Quest can have a deeply transforming effect on your life. John P. Milton created The Nature Quest to incorporate his 12 Principles, which distil the core teachings of the world’s liberating wisdom traditions. His work has been visualized as a red-thread through the book “Presence” (authors: Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Otto Scharmer and Betty Sue Flowers) especially within the chapter “Seeing with the heart”. Some of the practices covered are: meditation, Qigong, Yoga, cultivating and refining the perceptions and senses, wilderness skills, techniques for transforming blocked emotions and the 11 Direction Ceremony. The Nature Quest includes a 4 day Solo, time you spend completely alone with yourself and nature. The practices mentioned above as well as sufficient time for Sharing before and after the Solo with the leaders and the group, will help you to prepare and integrate the experience in yourself and your daily life.

Your safety and well-being during the Nature Quest is of our outmost concern; in fact, participating in a Passage is as safe as going on a hike. A uniquely designed ”buddy system” with daily checkpoints allow you, your fellow Passagers and your guides to verify the safety of everyone involved, while still honoring your solitude. In addition, a base camp is located nearby, and a call brings an adjoining solo partner or guide into your site within shortly. During the 4 day Solo no reading, writing or campfires are recommended. You may fast or eat simple foods of your preference and enjoy the comforts of your own tent. When you remove the demands, habits and trappings of everyday life, the essence of yourself can be revealed.

John P. Milton
John P. Milton has pioneered for western civilization a unique, vital way of spiritual cultivation in nature. His vision quest and shamanic work began in the mid-1940s, at the age of seven. As a former Woodrow Wilson Scholar and professor of environmental studies at the University of Illinois, Springfield, John has conducted numerous lectures and seminars on the environment and earth-honoring spirituality within the United States, including at Harvard and Princeton Universities, and more recently, at MIT and Naropa University. He is a founding board member of The Academy for Systemic Change, recently initiated by Peter Senge and a group of close associates. John was the first ecologist on staff at the White House in the 1970s, working with the President’s Council of Economic Advisors. He is the founder of Threshold, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of sacred lands and The Way of Nature Fellowship. He also created the Sacred Passage process of awareness training, where his 12 Principles are widely taught. He is the author of “Sky Above Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature” and numerous other books, articles, audio and video presentations on ecology and spiritual practices.

Göran Gennvi
Göran Gennvi, founder of The Way of Nature Scandinavia, has during the last three decades worked as a strategic management consultant, mainly focused on the inner condition of the leaders and how to cultivate deep and lasting change in organizations through executive teams as well as through community development. The source of Görans inspiration for bringing about new perspectives and awareness comes from his lifelong, continous, time spend in nature in combination with access and insights to ancient wisdom and science. Nature is and has always been, his trustworthy partner and companion, and he finds that natures beauty, ability to adapt, create and renew is extra ordinary useful. He believes that nature helps us to reconnect to our senses, deepen our relationship to our inner and outer nature giving the possibilities to transformative learning. Göran Gennvi is the founder and CEO of Nature Academy Learning Lab and developed the concept WiLD (Wisdom, insights, Leadership and Dialog). It is a concept designed to create transformative and authentic change for business and communities. WiLD is the core concept of Conscious Leadership.

In the nature reserve – Vålådalen, which also is the area of the Sámi village ”Handöls Sameby”. This is a fantastic landscape where your 4 night Solo is above the timberline. The area is safe and clean. One of our local guides is the Same and reindeer owner Reidar Nordfjäll. Reidar will share with us the insight and experience of a sustainable life style, the Sámi way.

The broad outline
Friday 27th June 2014 10.22 Train from Stocksholm Central to Undersåker (in the county of Jämtland). The train stops at Arlanda airport at 10.42. Arrival at Undersåker (in the county of Jämtland) 17.27. Transfer to Vålådalen Mountain Lodge. The programme will start at 19.00 in Vålådalen.

Friday June 27th
Vålådalen Mountain Lodge Program at Site, preparation for Solo. Sunday June 29th, a walk to Solo sites at Ottfjället. 4 nights on the mountain Ottfjället. Thursday July 3rd Return to Vålådalen Mountain Lodge. Sharing and ceremonies.

Friday July 4th
Sharing and preparing to ”re-entry” back home. Ceremony, return to Undersåker and train departure at kl 12.17. Arrival at Arlanda airport at 21.13 and Stockholm Central 21.13. Return is also possible by plane from Östersund to Stockholm on Friday afternoon, for connecting flights on Friday evening.

Leaders: John P Milton and Göran Gennvi
Language: English
Place: Vålådalen and the mountain Ottfjället Dates: 2014.06.27 – 2014.07.04 (7 days – 4 nights solo) Program: by mail,
Price for tuition: For the 8 day course: 1450 € (12.500 SEK) VAT included. You will recieve a 20% discount for early registration before the 31th March and 10% for registration before the 30th April.
Price idea for meals and transportation to and from Undersåker: 180 € (1.600 SEK) VAT included.
Booking tickets in Sweden:
traintickets: + 46 771 75 75 75,
flights:+ 46 8 797 4000,

What Price not includes: The meals during the time spend at, Vålådalen Mountain Logde (27-29/06) and (3-4/07). The transportation is not included in the price is from the trainstation at Undersåker at 17.25 friday 27/06 and to Undersåker on friday morning.

For the Solo you bring your own food or fast. We recommend you to bring your own tent, that you also can use at the Mountain Lodge. An equipment list and recommendation on food/fasting will be sent to you in your confirmation letter.

For questions or further information:, Anneli Örtqvist, +46 70 241 75 07, Naturakademin Learning Lab.

Naturakademin Learning Lab AB
Göran Gennvi
Sickla Strand 39, 3 fl
131 34  Nacka

+46 70 241 75 07

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